In the spring of 2021 Dr. Mary Ellen Weir and Dr. Daniel Hutchinson of Belmont Abbey College conducted oral histories with those knowledgeable about the thirty years of the House of Mercy’s ministry. Conducted amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the interviews were conducted via Zoom. In capturing these oral histories, the goal was to capture the different facets of the House of Mercy’s story. Included in the interviews are members of the Sisters of Mercy, the leadership and staff of the House of Mercy, volunteers and community supporters, and the House of Mercy residents.

Below are the individual oral histories. Click on the Interview title at the top of the video to open the interview in a new window. 

Interview 01 - Mary Wright (January 15, 2021)

Description: In this interview, Mary Wright describes the efforts to found the House of Mercy in 1991, and explores the early years of the House's ministry.