Fundraising appeal from the Brothers Foundation (Spring 1991)

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Fundraising appeal from the Brothers Foundation (Spring 1991)


Brothers Foundation


Spring 1991


This fundraising appeal by the Brothers Foundation for the Taylor Home represented another effort to provide service for living with AIDS in the Charlotte area.


Charlotte, NC


Brothers Foundation




House of Mercy Archive: Binder 1 (1990-1999)


Spring, 1991

Dear Friend:

Your contribution to The Brothers Foundation Inc., will help provide shelter for Persons Living With AIDS (PLWA's) who are in need and have no other alternatives. Since the low income and homeless PLWA's have no financial resources for housing, they must resort to hospital admission even when their stage of illness does not require that form of medical care. Hospital care for AIDS costs about $300,000 a year per person. Nursing homes in North Carolina will not admit AIDS' affected people. Where are low income and homeless PLWA's to go when family, loved ones and others turn them away?

The first Family Care Home in Charlotte, for six PLWA's who meet admission standards will be operated by The Brothers Foundation. The home will be staffed by a resident manager. To renovate and begin operating this facility which will be licensed by D.S.S., $100,000 must be raised to meet the needs of the Charlotte area. Some funding and several grants have been received. However, major support comes from people like you, people who care enough to share so that low income PLWA's may live and die in a place of peace and dignity.

The residence will be named the Taylor Home in memory of Samuel Clay Taylor and his father, Dr. Andrew D. Taylor, M.D., both of whom died with AIDS. The Taylor's tragic but also courageous and heartwarming story is on the reverse side of this letter.

The Brothers Foundation is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) public supported corporation. Donations to The Brothers Foundation, Inc., are deductible for income tax purposes as provided by law.

The issue of AIDS is frightening! The Brothers Foundation hopes, whatever your feelings about AIDS may be, you will agree that homeless PLWA's must have a place of dignity in which to live and to die.

The Taylor Home will offer a home for six PLWA's plus health care services for about $250,000 a year, a fraction of the cost of hospital care. Tax dollars can be saved! The Taylor Home will also meet a greatly needed humanitarian crisis. MAY WE COUNT ON YOUR CONTRIBUTION?


Calvin E. Hefner, ASID

E. Boyd Coarsey, Jr.

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